The Candlestick Holders


These hexagon holders are perfect for any dining table in a home. A great way to bring colour into your home.

These will add an eclectic, unique touch to your home whichever style you prefer.


You get a one-of-a-kind piece because each design is handmade. Due to their handmade nature, flaws such as bubbles and colour differences are inevitable, this makes them unique with every purchase.


Dinner candles are the perfect fit for these pieces, however, dinner candles are now coming in different width sizes. A handy tip for is to add a little bit of melted wax to stabilise the candle at the bottom if it's a bit wobbly. This ensures that your candles will stay securely in place and won't tip over.


Each item is sealed with beeswax, making it water resistant and they are all finished with a cork base. Wipe clean with a damp cloth, not dishwasher proof.


Send me a message if you don't find the colour you want or if you'd like something entirely different; I am happy to help create the perfect colour option for you.

All holders can be produced in a solid colour, mix of colours using the marble pour, a terrazzo finish and I can add gold leaf for the wow factor.